How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard the Right Way

We use our laptops so often, that we tend to forget that they also need our TLC. Yes, they’re just machines and that they look cleaner than your toilet bowl. But do they?

Well, contrary to popular belief, your laptop’s keyboard is a breeding ground for bacteria. Do you remember what you did before you touched your keyboard and typed something on it?

If you do, then you most likely will feel gross, considering that your hands are exposed to billions of germs and bacteria and you transfer all these on your keyboard especially if you use it most of the day.

This is why it’s very important that you constantly clean your laptop keyboard. But how? Well, that’s what this article is about.

Here, we’re going to show you how to clean your laptop keyboard in the best way possible. We’ll also tell you what things you need to prepare as well as other things related to maintaining your laptop keyboard’s health.

Things You’ll Need to Clean Your Keyboard

Isopropyl Alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol is a must need when cleaning your keyboard as this kills germs and bacteria. You can have this in a spray container or in a squeeze bottle.

Microfiber Cloth

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Microfiber cloth is important and very useful as it has a soft texture that doesn’t leave behind cotton linings. They are also very absorbent of dust, making them efficient in cleaning surfaces.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs or q-tips also help as these are used to deal with tight and hidden corners in your keyboard.

USB Vacuum

USB vacuums are affordable little gadgets that you connect to your laptop’s USB port for them to function and suck the dirt and dust that lies hidden underneath your keyboard.

Air Blaster

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Air blasters are cans that contain air that is mixed with other toxic chemicals that can kill off germs, bacteria, and possible mold growth underneath your keyboard. There are, however, other options that have non-toxic air mixtures that are environmentally friendly.

Cleaning Blob

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Blobs are literally small blob figures that have a jelly-like surface where dust, grime, and dirt stick. Simply roll these on your keyboard and it’ll immediately clean it off. However, these are disposable as they need to be replaced once they accumulate too much dirt and dust.

How to Clean a Dusty Keyboard

Having a dusty laptop keyboard is one of the most common dirt problems when it comes to keyboards. Dust naturally builds up on any surface, especially on top of your keys and on its sides.

Though you can simply wipe them off, this doesn’t fully remove all the dust. Instead, it’s best that you use a vacuum cleaner that’s specifically for cleaning keyboards.

These are usually USB-powered which you simply just have to plug into your laptop’s USB port. They feature small brush attachments that gently sort through your keyboard while sucking away any dust it goes through.

Just make sure it’s not too powerful as you surely don’t want to damage your keys. You can also go for compressed air which is more powerful.

However, you need to be extra careful when using one as this can damage your keys or worse, your laptop’s internals, especially if you mishandle it.

Cleaning a Keyboard with Grease and Grime all over it

Grease and grime are two of the most common things that make your keyboard look icky dirty. This is usually caused by oily hands or if you’ve held something greasy and sticky.

Typing on your keyboard would surely be a hassle if this is the case. To have your keyboard rid off grease and grime, simply use isopropyl alcohol. Spray or pour a bit of it in a microfiber cloth or cotton swab and gently wipe it on your keyboard.

Go through the sides of each key and use the cotton swab to go through each gap. Isopropyl alcohol won’t damage your laptop’s hardware as long as you don’t pour it directly on it!

Nonetheless, just wiping it off won’t do any harm. Instead, it’ll make your keyboard sparkling clean again.

What if you spill liquid onto your keyboard?

Spilling something on your laptop is a worse nightmare for owners. If this happens to you, the first thing that you should do is to shut it down. Don’t turn it on until it’s completely dry and clean. Unplug it and if necessary, remove your battery.

Use a cloth that has an absorbent texture to seep the spilled liquid. You can also use a sponge in more serious situations. It’s recommended that you remove your keyboard entirely so that you can dry up the liquid that most likely has seeped underneath it.

But be careful in doing so as every laptop has different keyboards which means it has different ways of removal. However, the most common method is prying it off using a flat screw. Others can also be removed key by key.

Meanwhile, other laptops need their case to be fully removed for you to access the internal keyboard. Be careful to be gentle and don’t use tools that can scratch, scrape, or bend your keys.

Disinfecting your Laptop from Germs and Viruses

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If someone sick used your laptop, then it’s best that you disinfect it. One good way of doing that is by using isopropyl alcohol and mixing it with a hand sanitizer inside a spray bottle. You want to gently spray it on your keyboard, but not too much so that it won’t get damaged.

Once you’ve sprayed it evenly, you then wipe it off with microfiber cloth that has been sprayed lightly with disinfectant.

Then wipe it again with another dry cloth. Then use q tips to wipe your keys one by one. It might be tedious, but it’s very effective especially if you really want to not be infected by someone else’s contagious sickness.


Cleaning your laptop is important as this means extending the lifespan of your computer, as well as making sure that you stay healthy. Not to mention that this will also improve your laptop experience as you don’t have to deal with sticky or dusty keys that have grime all over.

It’s all a matter of convenience, which makes laptop keyboard maintenance a necessary habit to familiarize yourself with.

Hopefully, this article helped you with just that. Follow our advice and you’ll surely be having a good time with your squeaky clean laptop.

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