How to get Sticker Residue off Laptops

Stickers are everywhere. We get name tag stickers at gatherings and events, sticker price tags on our newly purchased products, and other items. And your laptop has no way to escape from it. It may be the laptop manufacturer’s sticker, warranty seal, or the one you put to personalize your laptop, all these can be stubborn. Sometimes, you peel it off by your fingernails and try to wash off with water but the adhesive lingers. And more often, the adhesive pulled in dirt and the stain turns black. 

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help you remove stickers from your laptop, without leaving any adhesive marks. And yes, most of these can be found at home. Effectiveness may vary depending on certain types of stickers, so you might need to try another method if the first method you chose didn’t work. 

Things to Remember: 

  • Do not pour or spray liquid directly to the surface as this may cause damage to the device
  • Always use or apply these substances to clean cotton or lint-free cloth 
  • Give these substances time to work before you gently scratch the stickers and adhesive 
  • Take as much time as needed and don’t use extreme force to avoid damage on the laptop’s surface or casing
  • Some of the household products mentioned below may irritate the skin. You may use hand gloves while you do the procedure 

So, here are a few ways you can do to get the sticker residue off from your laptop:

Baking Soda and Coconut oil mixture

A mixture of Baking Soda and coconut oil is a powerful combination to remove stubborn stickers. The coconut oil drenches and loosens the sticker and adhesive, while the baking soda helps to scrub it off.

Simply mix these two with the right amount you think is enough to cover the sticker, and then apply. Leave it on for a few minutes and then scrub it off with a soft brush such as an unused toothbrush or a clean lint-free cloth.

Mayonnaise or Peanut Butter

Your kitchen spreads are of not only limited for pasta, bread, and dressing uses. They can be useful for the sticky residue of your laptop stickers, as well. The oils and fats in mayonnaise and peanut butter are effective for removing stickers. Simply spread a thick layer of mayo or peanut butter onto the sticker or adhesive residue and let it sit for at least 10 minutes to half an hour. Then wipe or scrub off the surface.

Hair Dryer 

This method is the most effortless and neatest way to get sticker residue off your laptop.

Take out your hairdryer and set it in the lowest or minimal setting. Hold and keep it directly on the sticker for about 30 seconds. Afterward, you may strip off the sticker residue with a clean rag. If there’s still residue that remains, attempt another 30 seconds of heat. 

Note: The surface becomes hot so be extra careful. Also, too much heat can damage your laptop if not done properly. Set the heat of your hair dryer or heat gun on a lower level to avoid device damage.


Another method for expelling sticker residue from a laptop is by applying oils such as mineral oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, or coconut oil.  

To do this method, you need to take a modest quantity of oil on a clean rag and begin scrubbing it on the sticker. This technique works well on uncoated paper stickers and stocks. It will take extra time if the sticker is made of plastic or is waterproof, yet this is an effective procedure. 

You also have the option to leave the oil on the stickers or sticker residue for a few minutes before beginning stripping off. It makes the procedure simple and less tedious. Get a cotton ball and put an ample amount of oil in it (just rightful amount to avoid spilling the oil into your laptop holes). Leave it on for a few minutes and start rubbing it off with a clean cloth. 

Another effective technique using oil is by heating it to a required temperature. Take a clean cloth and dip it in (remember, it is hot). Then, start rubbing the adhesive until it comes off. After that, you can clean it off with the dish washing liquid.

Note: Ensure that you have secured all the holes of your laptops to avoid damage.


Just like the oils, you can also use hand lotions, moisturizers, or other similar substances. These can saturate the sticker and loosen the adhesives to make it simpler to strip or scratch off. Apply it on the surface and try to scrape the sticker reissue gently to avoid damage on the laptop.


Taking the assistance of solvents should be your last resort in removing sticker residue. These substances can easily dissolve sticker adhesive. The procedure may be simple but should be done with cautiously

There are also non-oil-based solvents, for example, rubbing alcohol, vodka, and acetone. Rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective non-oil based solvents and vodka can also be a substitute. Vinegar is another. It is an effective household solvent product that can save you money and can also be used as a cleaner.

To do the method, soak the clean rag with the solvent (some solvents are spray-on) and lay it on the sticker or the adhesive. Let it sit for at least half an hour, then start rubbing to lift it off. After completing the procedure, wipe off the surface with a lint-free cloth. 

Note: Be extra cautious when cleaning up your laptop with a solvent as it may decolor the particular part of the surface.

Scraping and Rubbing

Scrape the sticker residue with an old credit card. It is not recommended to use anything sharp as it may damage the laptop’s surface. Using a credit card enables you to scrape the sticker residue more freely without causing damage. 

If there’s still some residue left, use the above-mentioned household products to wipe off the remaining adhesive

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