What to do with your old laptop?

Got a new laptop and don’t know what to do with the old one?

It’s probably one of the problems of many people, nowadays, how to dispose of their old laptops or other electronic gadgets lingering under the roof, collecting dust after being replaced.

With the new Windows OS and a plenitude of affordable laptops in the market, you may raise to ask yourself “What to do with my old laptop?”. To tell you, you actually have many options for deciding what to do with it. However, if you are planning to throw it away, make sure you are disposing of it safely to protect our environment. So here are some of the best options to consider that are friendly to the environment.

Take the First Step!

The greatest concern when disposing of your old laptop is about your private data. Store your data and other files on an external hard drive or use iCloud for Mac to back up your data.

Also, it is not enough to simply delete your documents and empty the Recycle Bin. You can make use of free utilities available that will overwrite every sector so that recovering your data will be impossible. “Wipe” the hard drive. It will secure you and will prevent other people who use disk forensic analysis to retrieve data.

Go the extra mile to protect yourself and your data by signing out of all the applications. Make sure that none of your login details are kept in.

 Recycle it

Make sure not to dispose of your laptop in the trash just like some other piece of garbage. Instead, look for an electronic center and bring your old laptop. There are specific websites that will allow you to select your location to find an electronics recycling facility where you could take your old laptop. Some offer pick-up services and do collection events.

Electronic waste is the quickest developing waste stream in the world. And it is because of 2 reasons: First, the short life expectancy of the electronic gadgets; and second, people’s demand for new high-technology products.

Reuse is always the best option for allowing electronic devices to have a couple of long periods to use. That’s why it is important to make sure that your old laptop is taken care of by a trustworthy recycler. It is imperative to know if the electronic recycler checks whether the old device is still possible to be reused before it is sold for parts.

If repair isn’t an alternative, recyclers will utilize mechanical destroying and a more advanced method to remove usable metals, which would then be sent to a smelter.

Sell it

If your laptop is still in good condition and you think it still has a value, go sell it. Selling your old, unused laptop saves the environment. It is more convenient to sell it online and there are markets available for old electronic devices like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

If you have a broken laptop, there are online stores like Best Buy,eBay, Target, and Gazelle who are willing to take it off your hands. And there are still a lot more companies who offer this kind of service. Just do a little research to see which one is good for you.

Make sure to do the primary precautions mentioned earlier to protect your privacy before you sell your old laptop.

Old and used electronic devices like your old laptop may still be able to help someone in need. In this digital era, almost everything is done online. Nowadays, kids and students need it for schoolwork but cannot afford to get one. So, why not donate it? There are a few foundations and organizations that accept old electronic devices. You can check online to see these hundreds of lists of organizations.

Re-Purpose it

If you think your laptop is still working well but no longer meets your recent requirement for an electronic device, then you can repurpose it. Below are some ways to give your old laptop another breath.

  • Use it as a game server

You can convert your old laptop into a media streaming server, explicitly for use with gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. You may require a laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo processor for 1080p streaming. Likewise, you would need a dedicated machine to transcode unsupported data types.

  • Turn it into a Media Center 

Making it a media center is another insightful use of old laptops where you can store your favorite music, moves, etc. It is way less difficult to do this. You simply connect your laptop to your TV with the use of an HDMI cable and run your media off your laptop. This, be that as it may, limits your alternatives to just utilizing it with your TV.

  • Use it as a Wireless Hotspot or Wi-Fi Extender

There’s probably a dead wi-fi spot in your house as some routers cannot cover it entirely. Well, then, your old laptop may be the solution for this as you can use it as a wireless hotspot or a wifi extender. It can be connected to your router’s Wi-Fi system and make another hotspot that extends the signal further. This may not be the best solution as you can purchase a better router or extender, however, having the money prepared to purchase it may not always be possible, and using your old laptop can be a fast and simple solution– also for emergency purposes.

  • Use it as a Second Monitor

You can use your old laptop as a second monitor if the laptop you currently use is too small for certain applications. You can have double-sized screen splitting or extending your screen view or run them separately, using the old one as a support for your multitasking.

Also, there’s a software that you can download to set this up, where you can also connect one mouse and keyboard for both monitors and swap back when you want to.

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